What is Digilocker and How to use it [Full Guide]

What is Digilocker

In this busy life runs with your original document in the life of the race, then you are afraid of getting lost of the documents, and if you lose your document, unfortunately, then you have to face a lot of trouble, Digilocker, You can keep your documents safe by having a digital locker and by using it you can use it wherever you need it, today we will talk about the Digilocker in this post. I am fully informed the how to open an account and how to upload  documents

What is Digilocker?

This is a digital locker. In which you can save your documents, which will also be officially valid. 
Digilocker is a mobile application (app) and web application launched by the Government of India. It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 under the DIGITAL INDIA program.

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Benefits of Digilocker

  • With the help of this website, you can keep all your important documents online here.
  • All the documents here will also be safe so that you will not have any worries about losing your documents.
  • It is completely free and secure too.
  • It will also be officially valid
  • Here you can use your Aadhar Card, PAN card, driving license, academic certificate (CBSE) and State Boards, LPG gas documents, …….. etc.
  • Here you can be logged in both the way by user id or Aadhar.
  • Here you can also upload additional documentation in many formats.
  • It supports pdf, image, word document.

The official website 

Can be downloaded from the App Store for free at 

Digilocker For Android

Can be downloaded for Apple(iOS)

Download For Apple

How to create an account at Digilocker

  1. First of all, go to its official website, https://digilocker.gov.in
  2. After going to this website you will have a page open in which you have to click on the signup button
  3. Enter  Your Mobile Number
  4. Now enter the OTP here
  5. Click Verify
  6. Now enter username and password
  7. Click on sing up
  8. Now put your Aadhar number (number of 12 digits)
  9. To verify the Aadhaar card, select the OTP
  10. An OTP will come on your Aadhar registered mobile number,
  11. Enter The OTP
  12. Now click on Verify

Now your Digilocker account has been created and your Aadhar Card has also been registered. 
You can see your Aadhar card by clicking on the issued document.

How to upload a document on Digilocker

To upload a document to Digilocker, go to Digilocker’s Dashboard and upload it by clicking on Upload Document. 

Here you can upload your document in two ways.

  1. You can upload the original copy of your document by scanning it.
  2. Since you have verified your Aadhar, then you can directly add any document you link to the Aadhar. 
As if you have to upload your CBSE certificate, you can go to the issued document and select the CBSE, after which you add your passing year and roll no and add it 

Now Digilocker will direct take your certificate from CBSE with a digital signature.
 In this way, you can upload all your documents such as PAN card, other academic mark sheets, and certificates, etc.



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