What are Showcase Pages? | How to Create Showcase Pages on LinkedIn?

Have you ever think that, If your business has more than one service or products and all different to the different customers. Then, How can you target the specific Customer with LinkedIn? In the previous post on LinkedIn, we talk about the Linkedin Company Page.

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What are Showcase Pages?

Showcases pages are especially focused on specific product/content/services. They allow targeting the right audience or customer. you can basically say that “Showcases Pages are niche pages of Company Pages.”

Showcases Pages are associated with the main Company Page, you can create showcase pages for your specific brands. They allow us to promote the specific product to the target audience or customer.
Linkedin users easily follow showcase pages with or without following the main company page. Showcase pages are something different from the main company page. With showcase pages, you can create niche content for your target customers.

Differences Between Showcase Pages and  LinkedIn Company Pages

Have you ever look at the showcase pages? Is it different from your company pages?

If you look at any showcase page along with their company page, you find that some differences in them.

  • Unlike the Company page, there are no careers, products or services tabs at the top of the page.
  • The Public URL of the Showcase Pages is different from the Company Pages. Look at the two URLs of Microsoft, one of Microsoft Company Page and other of Microsoft Windows Showcase Page.
  • As I said in my previous post employees profile can be associated with a company page, employee profile can not be associated with the showcase page.

How to Create Showcase Pages on LinkedIn

Creating showcase pages on LinkedIn is very easy and absolutely free. Anyone having the main company page access or permission can create a Showcase page.
For creating showcase pages on LinkedIn you have to follow these simple steps……
  • First of all, Login in the Linkedin with the admin of Company page
  • Click on the admin tool menu and select “Create a Showcase Page”
  • Write your Showcase Page Name and Public URL. Make sure that it is different from your main Company Name.
  • After that click on the Create Page.
Your showcase page has been created, but it is not enough to create a showcase page only.
You have to customize it also. So fill all the information regarding your company that your page looks more attractive.

Setup Your Showcase Page

  • Upload your Showcase Page Logo and Cover image. It may be or not the same as your Company Page. Cover image recommended size 1228px x191px
  • Give Tagline to your Showcase Page. It may be same as your company page, but here you promote a specific product or service I recommended you to give some catchy tagline
  • Add a custom button to your Showcase Page.
  • Add a Website to your Showcase Page. It may be different from your main Company page too. If you have a specific website for each and every brand you can use it here.
  • Add your Location and Contact Address. Method of Adding these details are the same as you add on your  Company Page.
I hope you understand that What is Showcase Pages and How to create a Showcase Pages on LikedIn. Now you need to better customize both LinkedIn Company page as well as Showcase Page. You have to focus on the Great Content which attracts the audience.

Invite you all connection to Follow the Company and Showcase Page that you are created for your Bussiness. Make regular updates on the page which get more engaged on Linkedin.

Today, it is enough that you learn about the Showcase Page, In the next post, we will meet soon.

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