Beginners Guide on Pinterest | What is Pinterest? – Features and Uses

An Easy Guide on Pinterest
What is Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network that is easy to use. Here, In this article, you found an easy and complete Beginners Guide on Pinterest. Let’s start with this easy definition of Pinterest.

This is completely Beginners Guide on Pinterest. If you don’t know anything about Pinterest, this is the right article for you. Here, In this article, we will discuss on An Easy and Complete Beginners Gide on Pinterest, What is Pinterest, Pinterest Uses, Key features of Pinterest, and a lot more about Pinterest.

“Pinterest is a web and mobile application based social media platform that allows users to organize images and videos into personalized collections, share, and store visual content.”

Pinterest allows users to visually discover new interests by browsing images. This is the great features of Pinterest which other social platform does not provide you.

Anyone with a personal account on Pinterest (which is free and very easy to create); upload or browse images and videos and sort them into a collection.

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Key features of Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine, Pinterest is not only the social network, but it is also a visual search engine that allows you to search from images called as a pin in Pinterest.

Like other social media, Pinterest also allows users to interact with other users or their brand by commenting or private messaging.

Pinterest helps users in promoting their business on the internet. 

Pinterest has also ads features like all other social media that allow you to make ads, share, and promoting content on it.

Your images (called a pin) or board also appears in Search Engines like Google and Bing, which helps you to improve your ranking in Google and other search engines.

Your Profile with your user name appears in search engines like Twitter and LinkedIn. That means anyone can find you on Pinterest by search your username on Google and other search engines too. It just the same as Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn Profile appears in Search Engine with your username.

Since Pinterest has the greatest value in search engines also, It helps users to drive more traffics on blogs or websites through images.

With the Bussiness account on Pinterest which also absolutely free, it provides you some additional features like analysts that help you to grow your business online and on the internet.

Pinterest helps you in searching on some specific items or topics by pins attached with written and videos content too.


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Why should You Use Pinterest?


If you think that why I need to use Pinterest, here are some reason that makes you ready to use Pinterest……

It is free and easy to use like other social media. Million of peoples use it across the world for their Personal as well as Bussiness use. If you are active on the other social platform, you have to use Pinterest.

If you are a Blogger or Youtuber then, it becomes a must for you. As I said above, Pinterest helps drive more traffics to your blog or Youtube. People can easily read your blog by your images and Youtube Thumbnails shared on Pinterest.

Pinterest is full of ideas and product pins. It is a good source of inspiration and helps you to find new and creative ideas.

Pinterest helps you in Promoting Bussiness Online. And, when your competitors already use Pinterest then, why should you not?
You must have used it for your Bussiness as well as personal.

Pinterest is a good source of connecting with others. Pinterest is a social media platform that works on Mobile Phones and web both to connect people through messages features and other features like all social media platforms.

Besides that, a lot of features having Pinterest is a Good Social Media platform. So, if you want to know more about Pinterest and HOw to Create an account on Pinterest. Here, you find the complete details in a very easy and readable language. Just keep reading……

Hope you like it……..



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