What is LinkedIn? | Why Should You Use LinkedIn | [Beginners Guide]

You must hear the word "LinkedIn" by your colleagues, friends, Bussiness partners or any other.
Do you ever think about it?
Is LinkedIn actually a social media / social networking site ??????

A lot of questions regarding LinkedIn may be troubling you. if you are interested to know about LinkedIn, you must have to read this article. and, if you are not interested in it then you must read it because after reading these articles on LinkedIn, you definitely interested in it.

LinkedIn is a very Power full tool or social network for the Professionals, Blogger and even for first-year College Students and also for those who are looking for a good job after completing their study.

Here we start one by one everything about LinkedIn, its benefits, advantage, How to use and a lot of more including Linkedin Marketing and LinkedIn ads.
Let's start with a brief Introduction to LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn?

Like Facebook,. Instagram, Twitter and a lot of other social network LinkedIn is a Social network. But unlike most social network LinkedIn is a Profesional network.
So, you can say that linked in is a social network for the business community and also for those who are looking for a job.

"LinkedIn is a Social Network that basically Focuses on professional networking, career development, and company developments."

LinkedIn enables you to connect and share your content with their professional including employees, Bussiness partners, clients and also to customers.

Features of LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn is an easy way to keep in touch with your Profesional network.
  2. You can build your Brand. if you run a small business you can easily make a company page on LinkedIn.
  3. LinkedIn helps you to find a great position for you.
  4. It is free to create a personal profile on LinkedIn. Even you have not to pay for your company page also.
  5. LinkedIn has its Premium Plan which enables more features.
  6. LinkedIn basically Focused on Quality, not on the Quantity. ( if you make connection more than 500, it showing at your profile 500+ not the actual no. of connection .)
  7. Like Facebook, you can easily Like, comment and share the content of others on your Feed.
  8. LinkedIn allows you to post a mixture of links, text, photos, videos, etc.
  9. LinkedIn allows us to join the LinkedIn group. Add, allow us to create a LinkedIn Group also.
  10. LinkedIn is a great tool for research.

LinkedIn for Beginners

If you are new on Linkedin, don't worry its time to learn everything about LinkedIn, First of all, you have to create a profile on Linked in which is absolutely free. Your LinkedIn profile has to look as a Profesional resume. customize your profile, upload a clear and professional profile photo on it. ( It may also depend on that in which industry do you work or looking for work.)

Make a connection with your college Freinds and classmates on Linkedin by taping on connecting in my network section. Make at least 50 connections on LinkedIn. Add your other social profile and Blog or website on your profile. Write a catchy description of your profile.

Find and connect with new professionals. Join LinkedIn Group, and follow their interest, company, and people.

How to use LinkedIn

It is very easy to use LinkedIn whatever you have Android Phone, Apple or Computer. LinkedIn Supports all platforms. You can use it on Your Android phone or Apple phone through the LinkedIn app. LinkedIn App is free and easy to download from the Play Store and App Store.

On your computer Browser type www.linkedin.com in the address bar and got the home page of LinkedIn if you already sign in.

Have you Follow Easily Teach on LinkedIn

Why Should You Use LinkedIn

It may be Many people ask you to Why should you use LinkedIn??? 
Does it important to use linkedIn???

The answer is yes, you should have to use LinkedIn, you must have a LinkedIn profile.
Whatever your profession belongs, you need not find a job or, not even manage a company then also you need a LinkedIn profile for several reasons.

  • You can easily find a lot of successful people on LinkedIn by searching their names on the search bar. and by following them you can read their articles and content which really helps you a lot.
  • A lot of big companies registered on LinkedIn like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Youtube, Adobe, etc. By following these company LinkedIn connect with them to you. And you can easily find the updates from these companies on your LinkedIn feed.
  • you can easily research any company and their vacant post. On Company Pages, you can get the information about the vacant post and also apply for that from LinkedIn. if your any connection on LinkedIn work on the same company, the company pages show you that person profile too.

and a lot more........

Here in this post, I am not going to bore you to write more. this is basically the brief intro about LinkedIn; its features and advantage. on the other hand, I am not going to end up, we will meet in the next post in which I will talk about the How to create a LinkedIn profile and customize your Profile.

Thank you for reading this article, if you like this don't forget to share with your network.


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