How to Create a LinkedIn Profile | Make a Professional Profile On LinkedIn [Full Guide]

May I hope you understand why you have to use LinkedIn or what is the need of using LinkedIn.
In the previous post on LinkedIn we discuss on What is LinkedIn?, Features of LinkedIn, LinkedIn for Beginners, How to use Linkedin, and Why should you use LinkedIn?

And a lot more about LinkedIn, If you have not read this post, I recommended you to first read this by taping on the above link.

Here in this article, we will be talking about How to Create a Profile on LinkedIn, or How to Customize a LinkedIn Profile...........

In the previous post of LinkedIn, we will cover the following topics on LinkedIn including Features of LinkedIn. 

So, Now you need a Linkedin profile on LinkedIn. Let's start with these easy steps.......

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile 

It is very easy to create a LinkedIn profile on LinkedIn. It is just like to create a profile mon other social media network.

  • First of all, you have to visit on your browser or simply download the LinkedIn app and open it on your mobile phone. the process of very easy to create a profile pon LinkedIn wither on mobile or computer.
  • Click on the "Join Now" Button on the LinkedIn page, and you will get a page of sing up.

  • Fill your First, Last name, and Email and Password. (On the given email a link has been sent by Linkedin.)
  • You need to verify your email by tapping on the link which you will find in the email.)
  • Make your password strong. (Use a mix of letters, numbers and special characters.)
  • After that LinkedIn asks for your job position. (If you are a student select I am a student and add your college and course details.)
  • Follow your interset on LinkedIn suggested you to, you can skip it also.

By following these simple steps you can easily create a profile on LinkedIn. But don't forget to verify your email or phone number.

However, it's not enough to just have a LinkedIn profile. You need a great Profesional Profile.

Upload Your Profile Photo and Cover Photo

Your profile photo should have to look like a Profesional or just like a passport size photo. Always use a clear image, I recommended you to always use a photo that has a solid background. (It also depends on that in which industry do you belongs.)
Your cover photo has to just like that it tells enough to describe you to other viewers.

Write a Catchy Headline

The default setting of fill the headline is your Current Position, and it's fine. but if you want to attract the people on your profile, you should mention your specialty and other ability also.

Set a Custom URL 

The default LinkedIn URL for your profile will have your name and mix of some numbers. URL is the web address of your profile and it also appears in Google and Bing searches. So you have to make it more relevant and easily memorable to anyone.
The LinkedIn URL is just like: and something, but you need a URL like: (If your name is not available, I recommended that choose some character instead of choosing numbers.)

Short a URL Within 5 Seconds in Single Click

Add Your Blog or Website

If you are a blogger, you must add your Blog to your profile.
And if you are work in a company you can add your company website as a company website.

Make at Least 50 Connection

when you are new on LinkedIn the toughest thing is to make a connection. Do not worry about that just make a connection with people you know that and people who belong to your sectors and industry. (You can also use your contact and emails for finding your contacts on LinkedIn.)

Don't Forget to Add Your Contact information

Never be forget to add the contact information. At LinkedIn, your contact information will be your email and phone number. you can also add your twitter handle and blog URL.

Add "Your Work Experience", Projects, and Languages

How many languages do you know? I think at least 2 or 3 languages you know. Mention it on your profile. What your work experiences and have you work on any project or have you a project management certificate. Adding all these details your profile looks more attainable on LinkedIn.

Add Your Skils

This is my most favorite section on LinkedIn. Do you mention your skills in the profile? Add your all the skills you have, this helps you a lot on LinkedIn. if possible add more and more skils and never be add something like that you don't about it or semi-known things.
You can get a quiz on your skils by LinkedIn and get a verified on, LinkedIn with your mention skils.

I hope you enjoy this post, and it's going to very useful for you. we will meet in the nest post on LinkedIn in which I will talk about a Company page on LinkedIn, and How to create a company page on LinkedIn.......

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