How to Build a Company Page on LinkedIn | Why Your Business Need a Company Page on LinkedIn


As I said in the previous post of LinkedIn is a social network that focuses on professionals and Bussiness Development or Company Development.

What is LinkedIn? | Why Should You Use LinkedIn | [Beginners Guide]

Have you ever think that How LinkedIn helps you grow in your Business, or to your Products and Services.
Does LinkedIn provide any feature which allows us to build up a brand on LinkedIn?
The answer is ..... yes, Linkedin has the most important features for your Business is to make Company Pages.
If you are new on LinkedIn and don't know anything about the LinkedIn Pages, you should have a lot of questions in your mind arising this time. But you need not worry about this.

Here I tell you that How to Build A company PageS on Linkedin, How to Setup, What is the Use of LinkedIn Pages, and, Why your Business need a Company Page on LinkedIn

So, let's start one by one in very easy ways.........

LinkedIn Company Page

"A LinkedIn Company Page gives the Business an opportunity to promote its products and services, Share updates, and build up a brand on the web."

Like Facebook Page, Linkedin Company Pages are build-up for promoting the Business and advertising, But unlike the Facebook page, LinkedIn company pages are only for Companies or Bussiness Platforms that represents a huge opportunity to build your brand in your industry.

How to Build or Setup a Company Page on LinkedIn

It is easy and free to create a Company page on LinkedIn.
First of all login into your profile. At the LinkedIn home, the page moves the cursor over "work" and selects "Create a Company Page" as shown in the image.

Now here, Linkedin asks for you to select the type of company page that you want to create. it is based on the strength of your company, so chose one.

Page identity

Write the full official name of the Company in Name.
In the LinkedIn public URL, you have to set up a URL for your Company on LinkedIn. the default URL of the LinkedIn company page is
Provide your company website, It helps viewers to connect with your company website.


Company Details

Select Industry, select Company Size (It is based on the number of employees working in your company), and Company Type.

Profile Details

Upload Company Logo, Your Company Logo must be clear, size adjustable and official. 
Write your Company Tagline. (It show on your Page.)

Tick on Verify the terms and Create Page.

Now, Your Company Page has been created on LinkedIn.

Upload Your Company Logo and Banner/ Cover Images

LinkedIn company page looks more complete when it is full fill of its all details, you need to upload your company logo on the company page. Your logo must be matched from other social accounts and the official company logo.
Always use the banner image which tells enough to visitors about your company. You can use your tagline or sole on too. "The cover image is the first thing that attracts the first time visitor on your Linkedin company page."

Add Products and Services of Your Company

It is most important for your page and promoting your services. So, don't forget to add sufficient details about your product and services in this section. You can share images, descriptions, links to purchase them and a lot more.

 Write "About Us" Section with Relevant Keywords

About Us section on Linkedin Company Pages has importance for both visitors and SEO. Use easy and simple language to write about us section that anyone can understand it easily, But on the other hand don't forget to add some relevant word in it for SEO. An about us section on your Company page should have a complete summary of your company. In the about us section description about your company including who are you, what your mission, what do you offer services, how can contact you, etc........

Ask Employees to Connect With the Page

If your employees use LinkedIn and do not connect with the Company Page. You have to ask for them to connect with the Company Page and get updates from it. Employees can add a company page in their profile current or position section easily.

Share Regular Updates or Status on Company Page

It's not enough that your Company has a LinkedIn page. you need to regularly updated on it and engaging more and more followers. In your updates, you can share your products, services or upcoming product and services. You may also update your company achievement or employee achievement, company events, etc.

Why Your Business Need a Company Page on LinkedIn

Here is some reason why your company needs a Company Page on LinkedIn....

  1. It helps in introducing new products and services you are developed. It promotes your products and services
  2. Finding Job candidate Easily with the help of LinkedIn on the company page. It is very easy to offer or post a vacant post in your company on the LinkedIn page and you got a top talent.
  3. It updated you from that what your competitor is doing, and how can you do better.
  4. Increase your searchability on the web or Search Engine like Google and Bing. Anyone can find easily your company page on google by searching the Company Name.
  5. It connects with your target audience and customers. On the LinkedIn company page you can set the target audience when you are posting an update.
  6. it helps you to promote your latest updates, news, vacant post.
  7. It helps you to build a community.
LinkedIn is very important for your Bussiness or Company, you have to create a page on it. Tell me about your experience of using LinkedIn.
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