Advantage & Disadvantage of Python [Python : Pluses & Minuses]

As I mentioned in previous post Python is easy to learn yet very powerful Programming Language has a lot of features like other high level of language.
Python has a verity of uses and various features which makes it the perfect programming language for the beginners who are interested in Programming.
But, "No one perfect in this world, neither the human nor the machine."

Python has also some minus points. But, Python has huge plus point which cover-up the minuses' point or limitation of the python.

Here, in this post, we are talking about a lot of plus points of learning Python and some minuses point also.

Advantage  of Python Programming Language [Plus Points]

Python is a very high-level programming language thus it is various plus points which make it more comfortable and friendly with programmer.

Interpreted Language

Most of the high-level languages such as JAVA, C++, etc. based on Compiler. But python is different from this; it is an Interpreter based programming language.

"An interpreter is a language processor that converts a high level language program into machine language."
 The interpreter checks the program line by line, and if any error is found it reports it at the same time, not after executing the entire code like a compiler.

Python is interpreted language, not a compiled language. This means that python does not require of the compiler. Unlike JAVA and C++ which is also a high-level language need Compiler.

Free and Open Source

Python is freely available for  all platform like WINDOWS, LINUX/UNIX, MAC, etc. at their Official Website
So, anyone can freely download and install python on their computer without paying on any operating system.

Lesser Code or Program

In python, you have to write less code for any program compared to other high-level languages.

More Like English

Python codes are just like the English language, and most of function in English words having the same meaning in the English dictionary.
Some examples are given below in the image.

Easy to Debug

Python is easy to debug. It shows an error with the defined problems. It shows error message in red colors which makes it more attainable to the error.
As you have seen below in the image.

Portable Language

Python run on various platforms, even on smartphones also, which makes it a portable language.

Disadvantage of Python Programming Language [Minus Points]


Python is an Interpreted language. So, python is not too fast in execution time compared to compiled languages. Python slow in execution compression of a fully compiled language like C++and JAVA. But, I think speed does not matter more here.
On the other hand, it is fast for web applications.

Lesser Libraries

When we install python on the computer; it comes with almost all computing programs, but its library has not larger collection in comparison of other languages like C, Java, etc.

Run Time Error

Python is a dynamically typed language it means no need to define the variables while writing the code. But some time in the run, it raises an error.
Python requires more testing and error shown at run time.

Weak in Mobile Development

Python is good in desktop and server platforms, but python is a week (language not very good) for mobile computing.

Convertible Issues

Python lovers face convertible issue more. Python is easy language to program, but when you want to translate its program into another programming language it is not too easy.


As we have seen above in this post python is free and open sources interpreted based language, lesser code like the English language, easy in debagging and many more.
However, it has some disadvantage too, like run time error, weak in mobile computing, and slow speed.
As I mentioned above in this post, "No one perfect in this world, neither the human nor the machine."
Here, now we are familiar with the advantage of python and the disadvantage of python.
I would say to prefer python for learning because it iseasy to learn, and definitely it is too easy to learn with Easily Teach.

I hope you like this post, I will meet you soon with a new post on Python Series Post #PythonByET.

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